Logos & Branding


Hills Web Design have designed many logos for its clients over the years.

The best logos are usually very simple. Look at our logo at the top left of this page. Simple.

If you already have a logo for your business and want us to build you a new website, your logo, colours and style is the first thing we ask about. It can determine the colour schemes used on your website and the style of the website itself.


It's been said that "Branding is what people say about you when you're not around".

It's these conversations that define your business and your brand. Every business has a brand, whether they like it or not. What they do with it however is up to them.

Your brand is who you are, what you do. More to the point it's how the world perceives who you are and what you do.

Hills Web Design can help you build your brand
, with services like:

Logos - Email Footers - Business Cards - Staitionary - Flyers - Advertisements - Google Adwords.

Tying the style and design of these things together goes a long way towards that.