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Google Organic: An organic Google listing is FREE. That does not mean it's easy!

A FREE organic google listing is what every website wants to achieve.

The Question is: How does Google decide what to display to a searcher for what they entered into Google search ?

The Answer is: Google takes many things into account when deciding what to display to its searchers. Such as: search terms entered, their location and many others.
The single biggest factor is, YOUR WEBSITE CONTENT.

Google wants to and is very good at displaying the most relevant information to its searchers, so if your website doesnt contain quality, relevant information which is closely related to the search keywords or keyphrases that the seacher entered, then you will not appear prominently in results.

The quality of a search result is also an important factor.
Think of it like this, If a Google searcher searches for your company name, you will likely appear prominently in the search results, while that is not a bad thing, the searcher already knew your business name, so they are not to be considered a quality result.

A quality result would be more like this:
A Google searcher types in the service or product you provide, and perhaps added their location also: eg: Web Designer in Castle Hill. To get page #1 results for a search term that is for your products or services, along with your general or specific location is MUCH MORE VALUABLE, because it will attract customers who did not know you, but are looking for the services or products you provide.